Listed below you will find all the Events programmed for PhotoIreland Festival 2019.
You can download the PhotoIreland Festival 2019 catalogue as a PDF, browse it online, and check the super handy Day by Day.
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Book and Magazine Fair

Photography for Non-Human Entities,
with Alan Butler

Photobook Launch:
Sarah Pannell, Tabriz to Shiraz

Documenting the Everyday,
with Sarah Pannell

Reading Photographs:
An Introduction,
with Michelle Dunn Marsh

“Foul, Filthy, Stinking Muck”

Look at Italy!

Visualising Power,
with Lewis Bush

Open Source Research Methods,
with Lewis Bush

Photography and the Museum

Triple T&G Photobook Launch:
Steven Nestor, Colin Abbott, Brad Rimmer

Magic Insta Material:
A Workshop on Selfies and Portraits (for teens), with Anna Ehrenstein

Magic Insta Material:
A Workshop on Selfies and Portraits (for general audiences), with Anna Ehrenstein

Practice & Parenthood

Wikimedia Edit-a-thon

From the Past to the Present but…to the Future??
with The Stairlings Collective

Anita Groener and Owen Boss In Conversation

Performing the Posthuman Subject in Photography

How to be an Ethically Literate Photographer,
with The Photography Ethics Centre

Blow Photo Fuse