Image: Sanda Semeika

Launch 6:30pm Fri 31 May
Running 1-13 June

The Vintage Room, The Workman’s
10 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 5pm-3am

INSIDE, OUT is an analogue exhibition, all three photographers working with cameras from vintage to more modern. It’s not just the technical differences which make film photography so absorbing – capturing an image with a limited number of exposures, with the uncertainty of the outcome adds a leap of faith to the process, and relies on a different instinct; the results often carry that kind of mortal stamp, which adds something unique and unfiltered to the image.

These pictures show the anatomy of Dublin city and north county Dublin from different angles but also speak to a deeper intimacy. Kerrie O’Brien captures street scenes, showing the face of the city but hinting at the stories within its heart. Ruth McKee offers a window to the inner world through interiors and objects, illuminating moments of absence and presence with an eye for metaphor. Sanda Semeika’s work speaks to the brokenness of displacement; she brings a subtle abstraction to her images, which have a sensitive narrative and a delicate expression of colour.

Kerrie O’ Brien is a photographer from Dublin. In 2018 she was commissioned for three portraits for the Local Heroes Project in association with Dublin City Council. Her work featured in the 2017/18 Arrival Exhibition in the Municipal Gallery of DLR Lexicon, curated by Gemma Tipton. Two of her photographs were exhibited as part of Take Heart Pop Up 2018 in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Her work has also featured in The Guardian, Spontaneity, The Bohemyth and Pidgeon Holes Press.

Ruth McKee is a writer and singer-songwriter who loves taking pictures. She enjoys the mortality of 35mm film, exploring ideas of absence and presence particularly through interiors and moments of departure, still life and the poetry of objects. Recent images have appeared in The HCE Review, The Bangor Literary Journal and Pidgeon Holes Press. She is editor of arts magazine Spontaneity and was one of the curators of the Take Heart 2018 exhibition in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Sanda Semeika is a Latvian musician and photographer who has lived in Ireland for 15 years. Co-founder of SandS Photography, she enjoys street photography, finding beauty in the mundane, a way of embracing a common humanity. Sanda is currently working on Reflections, a Dublin street photography project, and Home, which explores Latvians living in Ireland. Her work has featured in Spontaneity arts magazine and two of her images were exhibited as part of the Take Heart 2018 exhibition in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.